Please read the Exhibitor Handbook for your department(s) before registering. Any changes for this year are posted inside the books. They can be found here:
Need help navigating the online entry process? Watch our instructional video here:
(right click the link and select "Open in new tab")
FAMILY ENTRIES - To enter/pay for multiple family members in one transaction, you can do so by logging in as a "Quick Group." You will still have to register each exhibitor under your "Quick Group" but by doing this, you can enter multiple family members and pay all at once.
BEEF: Open Class beef exhibitors have the option to stay stalled in the DEX through the entire fair, or leave after the Open Class show period. Your final choice must be signified on your online registration. Those choosing to leave after the Open Class show may do so only after the completion of Supreme Drive until 5pm on Thursday, August 29. Those that are not gone by 5pm must remain in the DEX for the entirety of the fair. Exhibitor’s choice to stay or leave can be done on page 1 (Register) of the online registration.
Livestock - Please enter your ranch name in the area provided, if you do not have a ranch/farm name, enter your first and last name instead.
CAMPING STATUS - this section in the Exhibitor Information is only necessary for Open Class Beef & Sheep exhibitors. Please select the option that applies to your CURRENT camping situation, if any. Details on camping during the Open Class Beef & Sheep shows will be relayed to all those that camp on South Dakota State Fairgrounds property (our property includes Gate 13 & Gate H campgrounds).
Hard copies of the waivers or W-9s are NOT needed.